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Is Your Student Ready for College?

Are you worried about sending your child to college? Are you looking for a college that fits your child's academic, social, and financial needs? At College Ready Prep, we will create a personalized college preparation plan to help your child achieve their goals. 

Self Discovery

Every student embarks on a journey of self discovery, so they can gain knowledge and understanding of their abilities, interests, and behavior.

College Search

We perform a college search based on a student's interests, abilities, and needs then narrow down their options to a select few.    

Career Pathways

We explore a variety of career pathways to help students understand the process of becoming a professional.   

School Application
Application Process

We assist students with the college application process to ensure they submit a polished application by the appropriate deadline.

College Prep Plan

At College Ready Prep, we recognize the individuality of every student. That's why our College Coaches help each student develop a personalized college prep plan.

Your student's college prep plan includes:

  • College search

  • Scholarship search

  • Important deadlines

  • Resume builder

  • College essay assistance

  • Financial aid

Strengths, Interests and Career Assessments 

We begin by using a series of scientific-based assessments to help your student gain knowledge of self. The results of these assessments provide insights that students can use to make better decisions about which colleges to apply to and what majors and career pathways to pursue. Areas of exploration include:

  • Strengths

  • Interests

  • Majors

  • Careers

  • Skills

College Admission

Not sure where to start the college admission process?​

Don't worry, we got you covered. 

Our college admission coaches are highly trained admission advisors with years of experience to help successfully guide and motivate your student on their college admission journey. 


"College Ready Prep helped me obtain a $220,000 scholarship. I couldn't have done this without my college admission coach, Amir."   

Kamryn M.

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