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What's Personalized Test Prep?

Personalized test prep is the instructional method of creating and implementing an individualized learning plan based on the unique academic strengths and weaknesses of a student. At College Ready Prep, we will create a personalized learning plan to help you achieve your goals. 

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Our instructors consistently score in the 99th percentile and have mastered the strategies that will help your student reach their full potential.

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We recognize the special talents and abilities of every student, so we leverage the latest learning tools and programs to develop a personalized curriculum to meet every need. 

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We offer each student one-on-one personalized coaching sessions focused on each student’s areas of need unlike traditional lecture-based test prep courses,

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Every student begins with a diagnostic test that identifies 100+ core academic concepts covered on the SAT and ACT.

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Personalized Curriculum

Our instructors use the results from the diagnostic test to create an individualized  curriculum for each student.

Mastery Learning

Our instructional strategy integrates computer-based learning with an expert instructor to ensure content mastery and deliver individualized instruction.

Online Self-Paced Lessons
Available 24/7

You'll have access to our online award-winning test prep platform​.

  • 1,000+ hours of video lessons

  • 10,000+ practice problems

  • Printable review packets

  • Vocabulary builder

  • Mobile friendly access

This ensures that each student receives the proper amount of drills to address the academic weaknesses they may have.

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Studies consistently show that an effective teacher has the greatest impact on student academic achievement.


Our instructors score in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT and receive extensive training on a regular basis.

Our instructors will develop a personalized curriculum for your student to guide them on their test prep journey. 

Better Score Guarantee 

Not satisfied with your score?

Don't worry.

We believe there's no substitute for hard work and determination. If you're determined to succeed we'll be with you every step of the way.

Learn more about our Better Score Guarantee.


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Kristen W.

"Math has never been my strength, but College Ready Prep's personalized learning plan helped me increase my math score by 160 points."

Madison K.

"After months of studying and preparation, I scored a 1530 on the SAT. I highly recommend College Ready Prep."

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Jackson L.

"College Ready Prep helped me increase my score by 230 points. I couldn't have done it without College Ready Prep."

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